1) To establish and maintain, nursery institution, libraries, couching center, health care center  and reading rooms for the welfare of the society.(Free of cost) 2) To run condensed course of Education and various Capacity building Training for all.3) To foster maintain and improved friendly relation and co-operation for promotion of national integration. 4) To Publish books, journals, posters for betterment of the youngsters in connection with the attainment of the objectives of the society.5) To collect subscription and donations from members and others to attain the objects of the society.6) To acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise lands & building and other properties moveable or immovable as the society from time to time think fit for welfare of the society.7) To accept, bequeath, gift, grant ,or endowment for the attainment of the Objectives of the society.8) To Organize undertake and conduct free skill up-gradation and design development trainings on village Industries ,  food processing, handloom , bamboo stick making , handicrafts and others related activates for the welfare of the General , SC, ST and Minority people resides  in both rural and urban areas with special consideration to the people resides in remote places.9) To do all such other things as may be conducive or incidental to the attainment of the all or any of the  objectives.

10) To work as a non Political Organization.11) To run a Nutrition Center     12) To start encourage assist the youths to introduce and carry on various development activities which are incidental for implementation of the prog. Of Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt.of India & else. 13) To Alleviate poverty and bring out better living conditions mutual cooperation and unity among the villagers and in general rural development by implementing different line department /Institution programme. Like KVIC,NEDFI,NRLM,NHM,RMK,etc.14) To organize and undertake children  care, right  & protection program. 15)  To organize free awareness generation program on HIV- AIDs,  Blood donation, Child Vaccination, Tuberculosis (TB) to convince people for adoption of preventive measure and organize health camp for free health check up using modern medical services i.e homeopathy ,ayurvedic and allopathic for recovering from diseases. And also organize blood donation camps on regular basis.16) To work and introduce development initiatives for the disabled persons 17) To introduce home for orphans , children, women and the senior citizens, those dose not have any alternative arrangements.With approval of the concern department.18) To generate environment awareness ,plantation and organize related activities.19) To work at promoting and supporting efforts for peacemaking in the North &  Unakuti District of Tripura. 20) To work for the benefit of poor and marginalized   communities including women& children and tribal people through mechanisms that generate sustainable economic and equitable use of resources, without prejudice to caste, creed, tribe

21) To organize the communities for asserting their right over primary health care including adequate nutrition end sanitation, education, shelter and any other rights that era necessary for a dignified human existence 22)  To co-operate with Government and non Government agencies for implementations of various rural development projects, programmes and schemes. 23) To undertake programmes on Disaster Management 24) Observe and celebrate of various important days and festival with cultural programmes  and activities with the motto to unite people for development .