Mission and Vision

Vision of Adarsha sangha

The vision of “Adarsha sangha “is “To establish itself as a renowned organization engaged in developing income generating opportunities in Tripura”.
 Mission of Adarsha sangha
Mission of Adarsha sangha is “To enhance livelihood opportunities, child care, Right  & protect, preventive health care and women empowerment for alleviation in the Northern part of Tripura mainly focusing in the rural areas”.
Institutional analysis of Adarsha Sangha
   Adarsha Sangha analysed itself as part of the strategy development exercise in  order to better align its future activities with its strength and to work in a focused manner to take care of its weaknesses. These are presented below:
     Areas of strength  

  • Human resource: Adarsha sangha has been able to cater by a team of serious, active and diligent members who are united processing local knowledge working together for a single cause for the betterment of the people in a fair and transparent manner.


  • Relation with community: With its initiation in 1983 and the works they had carried forward, Adarsha Sangha had been able to earn good report from the community. They have been able to maintain community participation by means of fair and transparent work to the community, whereby the people are also extending their support and services for the organization.


  • Infrastructure: Adarsha Sangha has strong physical infrastructure. They have furnished their office with vast land, proper office and furniture. The organization had given interest free loans to the staff for buying two wheeler vehicles.


  • Linkages: the organization is in good relation with many other organizations who are involved in the field of social Work. The chief functionary is also the office barrier of voluntary health Association of Tripura which helps the organization to be in good network with other entities.